Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

The wind, rustling through the lush green trees,
The fragrance of the early morning cool breeze.
At a distance, the chirping birds,
Magic, that can be found, within the words.
The smell of the pages of a new book,
At strange places, a homely nook.
The way the sun rises, shines and sets,
Going through one’s old video cassettes.
The feeling of raindrops on your face,
Travelling on your own, to a far off place.
The butterflies dancing from flower to flower,
The feeling, when your favourite food, you devour.
Getting a smile from a stranger,
The last moment goal, the game changer.
The ringing sound of laughter,
Obtaining something, that you were after.
Dancing around, having fun,
The comforting smile, of a loved one.

So many beautiful things to love, so much to see.
Then why all serious, should you be?

Our world, it is full of so many surprises, so many beautiful things that we fail to notice due to the daily chaos in our heads. We have started focussing and paying attention to everything that is wrong with our world, while forgetting everything that is right with it.

We have forgotten what humour is, what love is, and how to open ourselves up. All we have started wishing for is seclusion, solitude, secrecy, and concealment, but the most important thing we are forgetting is, to live. Live our lives to the fullest, surrounded with the people who love us, care for us, and will always stand by us.

Laughter and love are the most powerful tools in the world that bring people closer. And maybe that is why, we have stopped laughing and put on our poker faces, maybe that is why we have closed our hearts to love and put up walls around it. We have done all of this just to make sure that no one can come close to us. We have become so afraid of getting hurt, that we have failed to open ourselves up to even the slightest possibility of being happy.

We have lost ourselves in the rat race and have forgotten what its like to live in the moment. All we do is worry about the future. A future that is so uncertain, that no one even knows whether there will be one.

We have surrounded ourselves with negativity. Social media, print media, news channels, everyone and everything is highlighting all the negativity. Our lives have become so accustomed to it that even the mere thought of something happy, something positive, is revolting.

It is time for us to stop for a while and relax. Take a break from our busy lives and look. Focus on everything that beautifully exists in our world, everything that is good around us. It is time to start spending time with the people we genuinely care about. We need to stop criticising everything and judging everyone.

Let us all laugh a little more, let us admire the beauty we are surrounded with. Let us not be afraid of getting hurt, and let us open ourselves to love. It is time for us to start living in the present rather than thinking about the past,or worrying about the future.

We need to take a step back from our lives that we’re living in utter pandemonium, and ask ourselves,

“Why so serious?”




“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.”

These words, written by J.K.Rowling, and spoken by Professor Albus Dumbledore, are the basis for the username that I chose for myself. These words, they depict the truth in its entirety. They are, as he said, “capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it“, conveying the strength of the words.

Especially in the technologically advanced era that we live in, words have become of utmost importance as it is easier for them to cross a million barriers and give voice to what cannot be uttered out loud.

Why start a blog?

Writing has become my therapy. It has been there with me in times of utter distress, as well as in times of complete happiness. There has never been a time when words have failed me. Instead, they lift me up. They are all that I have in times of euphoria, in times of monotony, and in times of anguish. They assist and motivate me to fight the constant pressure that is thrust upon me, and help me in giving an outlet to all my feelings.

I write about the things that I am afraid of giving voice to. The thoughts that wander aimlessly in my head, find their destination on a piece of paper. Everything that goes on in my life, that I feel and am terrified of admitting out loud, even to myself, flow out from my heart and onto a paper (and well, in this case, on a blog).

In writing, I find joy, I find solace. I feel at home when I write. It is the place that I run to when I’m done with the world as it is.

Writing is my abditory. ❤