The Beginning of an End

The Beginning of an End

And it’s all gonna vanish

The way we first met,
As our eyes gleamed and connected across the classroom.
The way we said hello
Never knowing if it was the beginning of something real.
The way we laughed
At something we never knew we had a mutual liking for.
And the way we cried
When something hurt each one of us, that wasn’t even a big deal. 

The way we loved
Sometimes like matchsticks, burning with extreme intensity.
And sometimes we loved
Like the stillness of the wind on a clear night.
The way we got broken
Shattering our hearts into pieces innumerable.
And the way we helped
Healing each other as we put the pieces back together, in the places right.

The way we fought
Hiding the pain we felt in letting each other go.
And the way we stayed
When we realized that it was us against the world.
The way we got lost
Trying to figure ourselves out in this huge mess called life.
And the way we found ourselves
Learning to love each other, while lying on the sofa, curled.

The way we danced
Trying to learn and copy the steps, wishing we were pros.
And the way we stumbled
And launched into a fit of laughter when we figured out it just wasn’t for us.
The way we fell
Just hoping that we wouldn’t crash on the cold concrete floor. 
And the way we got up
With the help of a friend in this world, glad we didn’t bite the dust.

All is going to vanish
As we turn to step out,
Out into the real world
Away from each other. 

Trying to find ourselves again
Hoping to figure life out,
Wishing we would find someone
Just like we did then.

And we would find a new beginning,
A beginning to a new end.