Magic is all around us. All we need to do is believe in it.

It is in the speck of light that marks the beginning of dawn.
In the beautiful crimson of the sky as the sun goes down and stars come out.
It is in the way the moon shines and kisses every being.
Even in the moonless nights, when the stars guide you home.

Magic is in the sound of the waves lashing at the shore, calming you down at once.
It is in the blowing wind as it gushes past you, singing the song of life.
In the tiny tear droplet rolling down the cheeks, to kiss the lips that turn to smile.
It is in the stillness of the moment you hold your breath, waiting for a wish to come true.

In this world full of negativity and darkness, we have forgotten to believe in the power of magic. We have forgotten what it feels like to be happy, optimistic. We have forgotten what it is like to live, let alone love.

We have engrossed ourselves in a world where sadness and heartbreak rule. Where no one wants to listen to a happy story, just because it sounds unreal. Where ‘tragic’ is the new ‘romance’. Where you’re termed ‘high’ because you are happy, since we have stopped believing that someone could genuinely be full of joy.

We have started looking for unnecessary troubles and pain to go through, finding problems in places it doesn’t exist, and just knowingly bumping into things and people who make us unhappy. All because we have started believing that this is how the world is supposed to treat us, and us, the world.

We have lost contact with our inner child, the one who used to be fearless, and all it knew was to smile and be happy, who knew only to get up after a fall and laugh it off, because life isn’t meant to be taken that seriously.

We love things that make us cry, and in doing so, we forget to cherish those moments that make us happy.

We need to remember that the power of believing is supreme. We can move mountains, only if we choose to believe so. We can conquer all heights and vanquish our fears, should we believe we can.

We need to start appreciating the magic that surrounds us, start being grateful of the life we are being able to lead. We need to understand that we deserve to be happy, and no matter what happens, our happiness is the one thing that we should not let go of.

Magic is in the smile, the laugh,
The tear, the cry,
In the sun, the moon,
And the clouds in the sky.

It is in the life you live,
And the moment you die.
In the beginning of ‘hello’,
And at the end of ‘goodbye’.

All I’m asking is,
Believe, and allow the magic to engulf you. Miracles will follow.