Every single day, you make a place
For yourself in my mind.
No matter how hard I try to forget,
Peace is hard to find.
Every single day, I clutch at the pieces
Of the memories of you, etched in my head.
Trying and failing miserably, to let you go,
But there is so much that’s left unsaid.
Oh what I wouldn’t give, to hear your voice,
To see your face light up like the sun.
To see you smile, with eyes shining bright,
And feel that love you had for everyone.
It’s been a year since you’ve been gone,
To a place where I can’t run to you.
You left so quickly, I didn’t have the time,
To tell you how much I need you.
If only I could hold you again, one last time,
If only I could hear your voice again.
If only I could have one more moment,
If only I could have taken away your pain.
I would have told you how much I love you,
How much I need you every single day.
I would have told you what you mean to me,
I would have said everything that’s left to say.
I miss you, Nani.

The Chance Not Taken

The Chance Not Taken

So many strangers cross our way,
But how many do we really see?
Maybe that man with dark black hair,
Or maybe that girl humming happily.

What about the stranger you see every day,
Who is more known to you than the crowd?
The one whose presence you acknowledge,
And whose absence can be heard out loud.

So many chances that we wish to take,
And so many missed because we were scared to try.
Maybe they would have tore our wings down,
But maybe, they would have made us fly.

A bit of courage is all we need,
With a bit of trust in our impromptu decision.
For all we know we might return with empty hands,
Or we just might witness a beautiful collision.

The time is now to take our chance,
To make our life worth living.
For what is life with no risks taken?
We were made for better, since the beginning.